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Proven Facebook Ad Strategies that Help Local Furniture Stores Compete AND Beat the Big Box Stores!

Experience the Double Impact: Proven Lead Generation + Market Saturating Branding Makes You the Recognized Leader in Your Market.

Case Study

Proven “3 Pillars” Furniture Store Marketing Growth System
Adds $1,000,000+ In Under 9 Months!

Recent Work

Check out this interview with Marc Galyean, Owner of Just Right Mattress & Furniture Gallery detailing his journey from $0 to $1,000,000+ in a small market AND how to get an extra 80-100+ people through the door each month on auto-pilot using our “3 Pillars” system!


Case Study Breakdown:

OBJECTIVE: Add a new furniture department to his mattress store in a new market during a pandemic.

GOAL #1: $30,000/Month in Sales
Desired Timeframe: 90 Days
Actual Time to Achieve: 26 Days

GOAL #2: $70,000/Month in Sales
Desired Timeframe: 90 Days
Actual Time to Achieve: 2 Months

GOAL #3: $1,000,000/Year in Sales
Desired Timeframe: 12 Months
Actual Time to Achieve: 9 Months!

END RESULT: Added $1MM+ in Sales in Under a Year!

UPDATE 11/01/2023: As of Today Our System is STILL Consistently Driving Furniture Buyers Into Marc’s Store Prompting Him to Begin the Process of Opening Another Location and Repeat the Success!
What Are You Waiting For?

Proven Systems

Unlock Your Business Potential with a Trusted Partner


Stop Guessing

Crafting bespoke marketing strategies tailored to your furniture store, we delve deep into market trends, consumer behavior, and competitive analysis. Our goal is to position your brand uniquely, ensuring maximum visibility and appeal to your target audience.


Done Right

Putting strategy into action, our deployment phase ensures seamless execution of your marketing initiatives. From digital advertising to in-store promotions, we manage every detail, ensuring your furniture store is visible, engaging, and primed for sales.


Hit Your Numbers

Your furniture store’s growth is our top priority. With a relentless focus on results, we implement dynamic marketing strategies that adapt to market changes, ensuring a steady influx of customers and consistent sales growth month after month.


Are you tired of staring at your empty furniture store and struggling to make sales?

“Enough is enough! I need to sell some furniture…If I could get people into the store I KNOW I could close them”

It’s time to take action and get customers through your doors. But don’t make the mistake of hiring random service providers or going at it alone…

Instead, book a “fit call” with a 23-year digital marketing veteran and see if our 3 Pillar Furniture Store Marketing System is right for your business.

We understand that getting customers in the door shouldn’t be a struggle. You see other furniture stores flourishing, while you can barely make a sale. That’s why we have created a lean and mean furniture store advertising system that has been proven to get results.

Our 22+ years of digital marketing experience has been focused on the furniture industry to develop a devastatingly effective furniture marketing system.

We’ve stripped out the junk that didn’t work and optimized the process, ensuring that anyone with the ambition to double their sales and grow their business can thrive.

Our “hands free” furniture store marketing system positions you as the “go-to” store in your market, attracting people who want furniture NOW!

By allowing us to take care of your marketing needs, you can focus on working ON your business, not IN your business. Plus, you can even take a break and head to the beach – no judging here.

If you’re serious about growing your furniture store and want consistent and predictable high-value customers coming through your door every day, then click the button below to book a short 5-minute “Fit Call”.

Find out how we can guarantee results for your business with our proven furniture store growth system!


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Kind Words from a Happy Client

“Chris Smith has done far beyond what any other SEO marketing person has done for my roofing company. The results couldn’t be better.

He always returns calls within a few hours and jumps right on emergencies that pop up. He also handles my website and made changes to make it better and also created some nice videos for me, he also does other Internet marketing work for me with Google my business and social media.

He has an excellent attitude and is very pleasant to work with and is also very patient when having to describe things he’s doing to a lay person.

He is also a proud veteran of the United States military.” – Shawn S.

how to sell more furniture with effective marketing

Transform Your Furniture Store with Proven Marketing Strategies

Unleash the Power of Furniture Store Marketing to Skyrocket Your Sales

In the ever-evolving landscape of furniture sales, simply offering beautiful furniture isn’t enough. Your products must resonate with customers, creating lasting impressions and relationships.

This is where a finely-tuned furniture store marketing strategy becomes your roadmap to success, ensuring your brand is the first thought when customers are ready to invest in their homes.

how to sell more furniture with effective marketing
image depicting an omnichannel marketing approach
image depicting an omnichannel marketing approach

Why a Targeted Marketing Strategy is Essential for Furniture Stores

The furniture market’s dynamics are shifting rapidly, with changes in consumer behavior and demographics. Excellence in product quality and customer service isn’t sufficient anymore.

You need to capture the attention of potential buyers at just the right moment, offering an unforgettable buying experience that nudges them from browsing to purchasing.

image depicting advertising and marketing strategy with icons for furniture stores and mattress stores

Developing a Robust Furniture Store Marketing Plan

Launching a marketing plan can be intimidating, but with the correct approach, success is well within reach. Here’s your guide to crafting a strategy that not only enhances your brand but also drives your furniture sales upward.

Deeply Understand Your Audience

The journey begins with knowing your audience thoroughly. Who are they? What do they enjoy? Where do they hang out? Use surveys and research to collect this information, which will help you determine the most effective marketing channels, whether they’re traditional or digital.

Combine Traditional and Digital Marketing

Traditional media should not be underestimated. Though digital channels are essential, traditional outlets like TV and radio remain influential. Simultaneously, utilize social media to engage various customer groups. From Instagram for younger audiences to Facebook for older consumers, ensure you’re active where your customers are.

Optimize Your Website as Your Online Showroom

With 87% of consumers doing online research before a purchase, your website needs to be flawless. Display your furniture attractively, make navigation straightforward, and ensure your site is mobile-friendly. Update your content regularly to reflect the newest trends and products.

Enhance Sales with Effective Techniques

Leverage your online presence to promote sales, special deals, and innovative payment methods. Create a customer retention plan that keeps your brand in the minds of existing customers, encouraging repeat business.

Improve Efficiency with Strong Data Management

Handling a large assortment of products and data can be challenging. Adopt a Product Information Management (PIM) system to organize your inventory and integrate it smoothly with your marketing activities. A well-maintained database means more effective sales and marketing processes.

FAQ image that sits next to the text portion of frequently asked questions for

FAQs: Maximizing Furniture Sales Through Smart Marketing

  • How do you attract furniture buyers? Combine quality products with savvy marketing, including social media campaigns and content marketing, to draw attention to your offerings.

  • What digital strategies work best for furniture stores? Optimize your product listings, engage in SEO and PPC, and leverage email and content marketing to enhance online visibility and attract potential buyers.

  • Why is visual content key in furniture marketing? High-quality images and videos help customers visualize your furniture in their space, significantly boosting your marketing efforts.

Want Help Developing & Deploying Your Furniture Store Marketing Campaigns and Make Sure They All Work Together to Drive Sales?


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