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Frustrated with Ineffective Fragmented Marketing?

Proven Strategies for Your Furniture Store Growth


To provide furniture store owners with comprehensive marketing strategies that streamline their business’s growth. Chris Smith leverages his digital marketing & strategy expertise, honed since 2000, to enhance online visibility and increase sales through targeted digital marketing solutions.


Chris envisions a future where furniture stores not only excel in sales but also become integral parts of their local communities. Through effective marketing, these businesses are positioned as essential destinations for design and comfort.

Professional Journey

Chris’s path to digital marketing began during his 12 year career as an aerospace technical support engineer, from which he transitioned to pursue a more fulfilling career. In 2007, he left the corporate world and established a digital marketing agency, combining his self-taught skills with a commitment to continuous learning and improvement. This shift was propelled by his belief in self-reliance and a desire to offer high-value, scalable marketing solutions.

Core Values

Health, both physical and mental, is a top priority for Chris, impacting his approach to life and business. His discipline in personal endeavors, such as fitness and music, reflects in his professional methodology. Integrity guides his business dealings, ensuring that strategies align with the client’s authentic voice. Chris’s focus on growth and empowerment extends beyond personal achievements to the success of the furniture stores he partners with.

Empowerment through Strategy

Chris believes in empowering furniture store owners by demystifying digital marketing and providing clear, effective strategies. His approach is to act as a partner and guide, rather than just a service provider. By working with Chris, furniture store owners gain clarity and direction, ensuring their marketing efforts are unified and effective.


Chris Smith and stand ready to support furniture store owners who are dealing with fragmented marketing and looking for a clear, strategic path to success. With a dedication to health, integrity, and continuous growth, Chris offers a partnership that focuses on achieving measurable results and fostering long-term growth.


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