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How I Helped Just Right Furniture Gallery Increase Sales by $1 Million in 9 Months

Want a Flood of New Customers for Your Furniture Store?

My name is Chris Smith. I’m a digital marketing expert who has helped dozens of furniture retailers rapidly boost their sales.

Just ask Marc Galyean, owner of Just Right Furniture Gallery. When Marc first came to me, his sales had stagnated. He needed more new customers.

But after just 9 months of executing my proven digital marketing formula…

Just Right Furniture Gallery Was Able To Increase Their Annual Sales By Over $1,000,000!

That probably sounds unbelievable. But it’s absolutely true.

And I can do the same for your furniture business.

You see, I’ve been doing digital marketing for over 20 years. I know the latest tactics that get real results for furniture stores – without wasting your budget.

While other “experts” try unproven fads, I use time-tested strategies that attract qualified buyers and drive sales.

Just Look at What I Did for Just Right Furniture Gallery…

– Targeted social media ads that doubled their qualified website traffic in 2 months

– SEO optimization that pushed their site to page 1 of Google searches and increased traffic 300%

– Ongoing content production with professional photography and video that made their furniture irresistible

– And more…

The bottom line? I know how to get your furniture in front of eager buyers. And turn them into lifelong customers.

I don’t take on just any company – I’m selective about who I work with.

But if you’re committed to aggressively growing your furniture business this year…

Then I invite you to book a free 30-minute digital marketing strategy session with me.

In this free session, we’ll:

– Identify your most profitable target demographics
– Pinpoint untapped marketing opportunities
– Create a customized digital marketing blueprint for your store

I’ll give you actionable strategies – not just ideas – to implement immediately.

And we’ll uncover how you can realistically increase your annual sales by $1 million or more in the next 12 months.

How can furniture sales be boosted in a pandemic?

During a pandemic, furniture sales can be boosted by offering virtual consultations and personalized recommendations to customers. Utilize social media and targeted online ads to reach potential buyers. Highlight the versatility and functionality of your furniture in home office setups and create informative content on how to sell more furniture during these challenging times.

How Did Your Marketing Strategies Help the Furniture Store Sell More During a Pandemic?

During the pandemic, our marketing strategies focused on utilizing innovative ways to promote furniture stores. We invested in virtual showroom tours, targeted social media ads, and virtual design consultations. By adapting to the current situation and reaching customers online, we were able to sell more furniture despite the challenges.

Don’t wait to grow your business. Book your free session now before my schedule fills up!

Let’s talk soon,

Chris Smith
Digital Marketing Expert & Furniture Store Fractional CMO